Pearson Air

In 1999, four Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) were excavated due to a release of jet fuel. At this time, approximately 830 tons of jet fuel-contaminated soil was excavated. Concentrations greater than Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) soil clean-up levels were left in place due to restrictions posed by an electrical conduit and high groundwater level. Historic and current groundwater testing have indicated that groundwater contamination has not migrated beyond the UST excavation area. Direct contact with soil by humans is not an issue at this site. These factors make this site a strong candidate for the Department of Ecology’s Voluntary Clean-up Program (VCP).

In August 2016, the Port reached out to the Department of Ecology to initiate the site’s entry into the VCP. The site was officially accepted into the program in October 2016. It is the Port’s intent to complete work on this site, in collaboration with the Department of Ecology, by end of calendar year 2017.

Photo showing tanks prior to removal from excavation.

Pearson Air UST Photo