Economic Benefit Studies

Washington Public Ports Job Study

In 2016, the Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA) contracted with the firm Community Attributes to assess the number of direct jobs that ports create statewide. The number is impressive – over 70,000. In addition these jobs and activities create another 105,000 indirect and induced jobs. Below is a two-page document that summarizes this study.

Port of Olympia Economic Benefit Study

The Port updated its Economic Benefit Study for the year 2014. Martin & Associates issued the Study on January 26, 2016.


The Port of Olympia conducts an economic impact study every five years. The study is one of several measures used by the Port to evaluate its recent performance. In the 2014 Economic Impact Study the following items were identified:

Comparative Changes over the last five years: 2014 to 2009

Explanation of Operational changes from 2009 to 2014:

  • Maritime:
    • Growth in log tonnage
    • Loss in high revenue wind energy cargo
    • Increase in imported ceramic proppant cargo
  • Swantown Marina and Boatworks:
    • Inclusion of Port of Olympia employees in 2014, not included in 2009
    • Inclusion of impact of 4,000 visitor nights for transient boaters in 2014
  • Olympia Regional Airport:
    • Fire at the ACS call center reduced direct employment
    • Another tenant left the Port area, yet remained in Thurston County
  • Peninsula Properties:
    • Direct employment increased, but local purchases fell due to 1-time expenditures in 2009, reducing indirect jobs in 2014