Airport Master Plan


An Airport Master Plan is a long-range planning document used to review existing conditions and prepare forecasts that will define future aviation and non-aviation needs of the community and the Airport. These needs guide the master plan process and are the basis for determining the appropriate role for the Airport and future Airport development.

The Airport Layout Plan (ALP) is a component of the Airport Master Plan. The ALP is a visual conceptual development plan that identifies improvements needed to address any design deficiencies, growth in aviation demand levels as well as changing conditions and circumstances at the airport. The ALP is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. All proposed future developments will undergo thorough state and federal environmental review as required by law.

The Port completed an update of its Airport Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan drawings in 2013. The Port Commission adopted the Airport Master Plan Update on August 8, 2016.

Airport Master Plan and Layout Plan Documents

The Airport Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan drawing are available below.. The documents may be slow to open due to their size.
Table of Contents and Executive Summary
Chapter A - Inventory of Existing Conditions
Chapter B - Aviation Activity Demand Forecast
Chapter C - Facility Requirements
Chapter D - Development Concepts and Alternatives Analysis
Chapter E - Airport Plans
Chapter F - Implementation Plan
Master Plan Update Appendices
Critical Area (Priority Habitat & Species) Recommended Mitigation Measures

Airport Layout Plan